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Earth Cellar length: 350 width: 240 height: 234


Our offer includes earth cellars whose dimensions are:

  • length: 350 width: 240 height: 234


Earth cellars are a perfect solution for those who are looking for extra space around the house to store items or food.
Thanks to their rectangular shape and flat ceiling, earth cellars can be filled up to the ceiling, enhancing earth cellar ergonomics and volume.
The possibility of making a decorative cellar elevation according to your preferences means that the earth cellars are not only practical storage space but also provide additional aesthetic value on your plot.
Our earth cellars have been used for a variety of purposes, starting from typical ones such as larders, wine cellars, tool sheds, and ending up with the most unusual ones such as saunas

We offer custom-made wooden doors for each cellar.

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