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HPD ALERT GM-S II wired septic tank alarm – black


To ensure control and to protect against septic tank overflow, we recommend the HPD ALERT GM-S II septic tank alarm. It is a sturdy and maintenance-free black septic tank alarm used to inform the user about waste levels in the tank. It is suitable for both septic and rainwater tanks.

The HPD sensor connected to a probe provides information about waste levels in the tank. Acoustic and visual signals are given to communicate that the septic tank is full. Acoustic signals can be turned off at any time by pressing a button on the septic tank alarm panel. In the event of a short power outage, the device automatically starts ALARM mode.

The septic tank alarm system includes:

  • black sensor,
  • power supply unit,
  • probe,
  • signal cable,
  • user’s manual,
  • warranty.

The septic tank alarm is very easy to install. The alarm is powered from a traditional 230 V power supply. In terms of installation, lead the signal cable from the alarm to the probe inside a septic tank or a different kind of tank. Consider the height at which the probe has to be installed in the tank as well as the time needed to have a waste disposal company empty the tank.

Septic tank alarm technical data:

  • power supply: 230 V
  • dimensions : 22.5 x 9 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
The HPD ALERT GM-S II black septic tank alarm is the highest quality tank waste level sensor. It is mainly used to monitor waste levels in septic and rainwater tanks.

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